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Anonymous asked: Please clear the fact that how strippers don't follow a particular image. Big ass, big boobs, skinny, tall, and generally an aesthetically pleasing face.... Because no way in hell would the stripping, Porn or sex industry will accept a 5'3 curvy girl non-white girl... And if u don't say that they don't follow that norm, why did you get a boob job?


This industry has many many 5’3 curvy non white girls. Like, so many. Even at my club which is one of the most mainstream ones in the city we have short curvy non white girls (and other body types and ethnicities). At other clubs and areas of the industry, the rate is even greater. In other types of sex work it’s even greater still.

I wanted a boob job before I started stripping. I did not think that getting a boob job would help with my stripping at all, and I don’t think it has. Plenty of the most successful strippers have small breasts and typical, average women bodies.

Please stop trying to educate me on my industry when you’ve clearly never spent time in a strip club and I’ve been a stripper for 2 years.

I’m a 5’3” curvy non - white girl…

Who’s on Ello?

Southern California Strippers!!

I’m moving to Atlanta and selling my X-Pole. It’s the brass 45 mm, spinning or stationary. You must be able to come pick it up. I’m in Los Angeles. Let me know if any of you want it.


Just in case any of you are assholes like me and get a big blob of black eyelash glue on a brand new pink outfit… Simple Green and a toothbrush.

at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas



So this is happening right now.  (at Sam’s Hofbrau)

So this is happening right now. (at Sam’s Hofbrau)

Fiona. Stripper, Pug Enthusiast, Seller of really tall shoes. I currently live in Los Angeles. Follow me on Instagram: platformsandpoles

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